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AES Services

Project Review Report

Every project submitted to the AES Pay Application System receives a complimentary project review.  This assures that all parties are on the same page from the start.  This allows AES the opportunity to understand the fundamental parameters of the presented project.  Problems are corrected at this stage of the process.  Through this process, all parties involved are given a logistical advantage moving forward.

New Construction Pay Application

Not all projects are identical in scope and budget.  Our client driven data collection format becomes the foundation for the Pay Application to follow.  The flexibility provided to the borrower, contractor and lender allow for adjustments in the funding needs of each project on an individual basis.  The information captured in this format allows all parties concerned to know specifically what the benchmarks are for funding.  Logistically this process improves efficiency across the board.d.

Renovation Pay Application

In both new and renovation formats, all the information to properly monitor the project is collected on the front end of the process.  Our client driven data collection format becomes the foundation for the Pay Applications to follow.  This allows for a consistent and efficient flow of information for all parties concerned with the project.  Information presented in this format allows all parties to know exactly who and what they are dealing with on every Pay Application.  The efficiency improvements realized save a considerable amount of time and money.

Lite Commercial Pay Application

At AES we take a more humble approach to the monitoring of commercial construction projects.  A professionally run commercial project has several safeguards already in place.  A commercial pay application properly formulated has already been approved and reviewed by highly qualified and competent professionals.  Our role here is to verify that the submittal of this information is in line with the project scope, budget, and work in place. AES is a valuable alternative for projects under $5,000,000.00.

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