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Empowering Builders for Success

At AES Build, we are your trusted partner in the residential construction development industry. Our mission is to set builders up for unparalleled success in their ventures. With our comprehensive AES family of services, we are committed to guiding builders through every step of the construction process.

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Our Proven Process

  1. Site Acquisition: Our team is adept at analyzing the market and identifying prime locations that align with your project goals and vision.  We specialize in recognizing renovation opportunities with untapped potential, helping you transform properties into valuable assets.

  2. Design: Our team specializes in designing with a keen eye on budget constraints, optimizing resources to deliver cost-effective solutions.

  3. Build Cost: We meticulously analyze every aspect of your project to optimize costs without sacrificing quality or efficiency. Our team works closely with you to develop a detailed budget that aligns with your financial goals and vision.

  4. Financing: Accessing suitable financing options is vital to bring projects to life. We leverage our extensive network of lenders to assist builders in securing the most favorable financing terms tailored to their unique needs.

  5. Liquidation: Success extends beyond project completion. AES Realtors will help builders with strategic liquidation strategies, ensuring maximum returns on their investments.

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Speculative New Construction 
With a wealth of experience, AES has monitored and managed over 2 billion dollars in residential construction projects. Through this extensive journey, we've observed a common challenge among builders - a lack of understanding of the market and a tendency to over-build. At AES, we believe that successful spec-building is all about meticulous logistics and a solid understanding of the market dynamics.

At AES, we prioritize knowledge and preparedness. Before even considering financing, we advocate having all the answerable questions answered. This approach sets the foundation for a profitable and efficient construction process.
Speculative Renovation 
At AES, we understand that renovation projects can be incredibly lucrative, but they are not for the faint of heart. As experienced experts in the field, we know that one of the main challenges with spec-renovation projects is gaining adequate access to the subject property before closing. Many builders rely on drive-by inspections and hope for the best, often padding the budget to accommodate unforeseen surprises.

We believe that to succeed in the spec-renovation market, proper analysis is vital. Speculating and taking risks without a solid plan can be akin to gambling at a casino. That's where AES comes in – we provide you with the technology and resources to make informed decisions, ensuring a controlled and profitable renovation process.

With AES's cutting-edge technology, you can now capture and record all the existing site data at once. This comprehensive data collection enables us to conduct thorough analyses of the scope of work and permitting requirements in a controlled environment. Gone are the days of taking chances and hoping for the best.

By working with AES and our network of trusted affiliates, you gain a distinct advantage in the spec-renovation market. 
Custom Home Building
At AES, we understand that custom home building is not just a profession; it's a deeply rewarding journey of fulfilling clients' dreams. As builders, you hold the responsibility of turning visions into reality, and we know that this is a task not to be taken lightly. Our expertise at AES lies in identifying and addressing the unique challenges faced by custom home builders in the realm of financing and client management.

One of the distinct problems in custom home building is the misconception about financing. While the majority of home builders may claim not to use financing for their custom builds, the truth is different. In the majority of cases, it's the Home Owner who secures financing for the project. Builders who are unprepared to navigate the complexities of working with the bank can face a turbulent ride.

AES believes in simplifying the process of working with clients by asking a straightforward question – Cash or Charge? Understanding how the project is being financed is crucial. For cash-financed projects, there's a specific procedure, and the same applies to bank-financed projects. By streamlining the process and minimizing additional players, we ensure builders retain control throughout the custom home-building journey.

From contract structure based on project parameters to understanding lender leverage positions and cash-financed structures, AES equips you with the tools to transform this aspect of your business. With our expertise and guidance, you can navigate the complexities of financing and client management with confidence and ease.

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