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         Self-Build Project Set-Up

Self-Build Project Access

New Project

Select log in. Then enter your email and password. If you don't have an account. Select create account-select your classification-set up your account.

Edit Project Details

Edit Project Detail
Project Set Up.PNG

Select Edit Project Details while in the Project Set Up Control Panel. Everything from property address to mortgage lender can be changed or edited from this page. Please watch the tutorial.

Build Draw Schedule

Build Draw Schedule
Project Details Green.PNG

Select Build Draw Schedule. Then enter a dollar amount for each item included in your budget. If you need to enter a custom line item. Select one of the plus signs located on this page. You can save your work and submit to complete. Please watch the tutorial.

Upload Documents

Upload Documents

Select Upload Documents. Then select the document you would like to upload. The upload prompt will appear, upload your document. A green check mark indicates that the document is required. All required documents must be uploaded to complete this phase of the project set up.  Please watch the tutorial.  

Take Photos

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Every project submitted to the AES Pay Application  is required to include existing site photos. All photos submitted must be captured in the AES Mobile App. This application captures the GPS coordinates of the exact location of your project. It is very simple to use. AES has provided download links below. Please watch the tutorial.





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