Using The AES Mobile App

The AES Mobile App allows you to capture site photos, request funds, and upload documents all from your phone.

 Taking Photos

  • Select Take Pictures

  • We will require photos of your existing site to complete your project set up.

  • Keep the Phone in Landscape (On it's Side) while taking photos. (Confirm your phone's screen rotation feature is unlocked)

  • The First Photo must be of the front of your site.

  • You must take 13 photos to complete this process. The more photos the better. AES will not be able to fund items that are not photographed.

  • Exterior photos must be included.

  • Remember to submit photos and sign the affidavit.

  • If you have poor cell coverage, please wait until you have service to submit photos.

Request Funds

  • Select Request Funds

  • Move the slider associated with line item you would like to request.

  • Funds requested from the mobile app are in 25% increments.

  • To make a more specific funding request LOGIN to your project on the web.

  • Remember to submit your request.

Upload Documents

  • Select Upload Documents

  • Select Permit/Invoices

  • Select take picture and center the document on the screen. If you can't read it we can't read it.

  • You can also select a file or photo from your phones files or linked drive.




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