AES was founded in 2009 as a result of our experience in dealing with bank inspections on our development projects.

Listening to the needs of bankers, contractors, and borrowers we have developed the AES Pay Application System.


This system gives our clients unprecedented control over the funding needs of their construction projects.  


At AES we understand the needs of all parties.  Our easy to use and understand interface. Allows all participants to process and monitor pay applications with ease. Our patent pending application puts you in control. With AES Lenders spend more time lending. Borrowers feel safe and protected. Contractors get paid quickly and efficiently. Set up your account today!

 I am honored to have the opportunity to present my company to you for review.

Paul R Pablovich


20 Years Residential and Commercial Development

Licensed Louisiana Real Estate Broker

Licensed Louisiana Residential Contractor



What I love most about AES is that I get to lend a hand in different areas.  I enjoy demonstrating to a lender the efficiency improvements gained with AES., educating contractors on the rapidly changing world of construction lending. Helping borrowers, and new real estate investors navigate the entire construction loan process.

Penny F Pounds


20 Years Residential and Commercial Development

Graduate Louisiana State University



Being a developer myself. I have enjoyed working with AES to address the problems with construction funding. We apply a real-time solution to  an age old problem. The AES system greatly improves the entire process.




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